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My name is Uday. I live in india and I am a Comp-sci Masters Grad from Lousiana Tech, Ruston U.S.A.

I Got around 10 years of IT experience and a few years of IoT fun experience. I love learning new things in technology space and sharing my discoveries with others. This blog is a part of that sharing attempt. Hope you find some thing that you like on my blog.

Do you have some thing to say , or would you like to see a blogpost or video about a particular topic? Feel free to ask any questions using contact page or any other channels below

  • Twitter : Do you use twitter? great! below is my handle incase if you want to get in touch.
  • Youtube: I host many of my experiments on youtube and you might be interested if you are particularly lazy to read entire blogs 🙂 . here is the link to my youtube channel
  • Email: I am also available on email in case if you really need to send a direct communication.
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