16 IoT youtube channels for serious IoT hobbyists

Since there are not enough structured courses on IoT in universities which really focus on the practical aspects of it, after blogs, Youtube became my defacto learning source for IoT. which is almost as good as quality college education without the pain of rules and rigidity of academic institutions.

Below are some of the youtube channels I currently follow. you might want to check them out. Being a computer science masters grad, I had a lot of trouble with electronics basics and these channels are a key part of filling the gaps in my knowledge and accelerating my learning process. Please note that this is no way an exhaustive list but these are just my favorites. 

 Adafruit   Andreas Spiess  CNLohr    EEVblog       

  ElectronFun.com         electronupdate        GreatScott!   

 Hak5    Julian Ilett    Ludic Science   MickMake      

 Make:  mikeselectricstuff  NYC CNC    Pete B        

 Roman UrsuHack   



Hope you find it useful. Feel free to let me know your C&C using the comments section or contact form. Have a nice day.